Parkwood Developmental Disabilities Foundation, West Linn, Oregon

West Linn, Oregon

West Linn, Oregon

Parkwood Developmental Disabilities Foundation

The Parkwood Developmental Disabilities Foundation was created to provide residential options and semi-independent living support to adults with developmental disabilities who are neither medically fragile nor require constant care. These are individuals desirous of and able to live in a "family" environment in which they (with support from their guardians and other compensated support individuals) can be in control of the majority of the day-to-day decisions affecting their lives.
In May 2005 the Foundation opened its first house for five residents. This first house was designated Parkwood House. The Foundation uses the following process in establishing a home.
Individuals with developmental disabilities desirous of living in a home supported by the Foundation are encouraged to contact the Foundation. Since guardians are an important part of the Foundation’s support system model, individuals with legal guardians residing in or around the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area will be given first consideration. 

The Foundation is interested in sharing its experience, strength, hope and resources with other families interested providing a home for a developmentally disabled family member. If after reading the information on the MISSION page you believe we may be able to work together please contact us through the CONTACT US page on the website.

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