Blind Companies That Specialise in Fitting New Builds
Blind Companies That Specialise in Fitting New Builds

Blind Companies That Specialise in Fitting New Builds

In this article, we have listed some blind companies that specialise in fitting a select range of blinds for new builds and provide a range of options to enhance your home’s environment which can be fitted and installed. Some retailers even offer additional services like in-home measuring and design as well as favourable warranty terms.

The Shade Store provides an exclusive selection of customised window blinds in various slat sizes and materials. Their innovative customization feature enables customers to preview a rendering of their chosen blinds prior to placing an order for them.

selection of different colour blinds fabric

The Blind Company

The Blind Company is a UK manufacturer of custom and stock window blinds and shades, offering a varied choice of quality stock blinds in an extensive selection of colours and styles with both traditional and motorised blind options. Their products also come with a limited lifetime warranty. Specialised & cellular shades provide an energy-efficient solution for keeping hot summer and cold winter air outside the home, offering light filtration or room darkening capabilities depending on fabric selection. The Blind Company offers roman shades in both richly hobbled and flat styles, using fabrics that filter light to reduce glare and prevent glare from entering any given space. Roller shades provide another versatile solution with numerous lift options, including top-down and bottom-up lifting. Furthermore, The Blind Company provides warm wood shades as an inviting and cosy touch.


This franchise acts as a middle man to provide blinds from blind companies who provide both pre-cut blinds that can be customised at home as well as custom-made blinds that meet individual customer specifications. Material options available to them include moisture-resistant PVC and faux wood blinds in various slat sizes; cordless styles are also safer options that ensure children and pets don’t become strangled by cords!

The company provides free in-home measurements and installation services for their window treatments, along with attractive warranty terms. Their network of professional installers makes the process as seamless as possible—perfect for homeowners seeking to add style and function to their homes with blinds! They can block heat and UV rays to protect carpets, furniture, and other surfaces from fading.

Home Depot

Home Depot also can offer an expansive selection of blinds in various styles and sizes at prices that depend on size, style, and colour. Easy installation makes these perfect for anyone seeking a simple window covering solution. IKEA also provides affordable window blinds.

Consumers who feel uncertain when purchasing furniture and home decor items online may prefer visiting a physical store instead. Many retailers understand that consumers require in-person validation before making purchasing decisions, so they have implemented measures such as providing free material samples with flexible return policies; having showrooms where customers can experience products firsthand; as well as warranties from 3 Day Blinds and Home Depot/Kirsch.


Lowe’s is an American retail company specialising in home improvement and furnishing products, with headquarters located in Mooresville, North Carolina. Lowe’s offers various blind styles in terms of colours and shapes to meet every window style; please remember to measure before purchasing!

At our company, we also offer a “side walk’ sale where customers can pick up various items that have been left out for at least one week and pick them up at discounted rates for use in future projects. Take a look today to see if this could be something of interest!

Lowe’s stands out from its competition by catering primarily to consumers rather than professional contractors, with exclusive brands like Pella new-construction windows and Sherwin-Williams paints being offered exclusively.