How to Evaluate Asphalt Contractors in 2023
How to Evaluate Asphalt Contractors in 2023

How to Evaluate Asphalt Contractors in 2023

Selecting the ideal asphalt contractor is crucial to any paving project. When researching contractors, make sure they can provide references as well as inquire about their reputation and experience. Ask about insurance and make sure any insurance policy they hold provides cover if necessary; these details may provide invaluable insights into who to work with!

Online reviews greatly affect any business, and asphalt contractors are no different. Reputation Builder can help your firm collect five-star reviews from your clients automatically to counter any negative ones that may appear online.


For optimal results, select a paving contractor with an excellent reputation. Check reviews online and ask the pro for references from past clients; most asphalt contractors should gladly supply this information. You could also reach out to your homeowners association and gather a list of licenced contractors in your community who have worked with you. Once paved, sealcoating should occur regularly to protect against oil and gasoline spills as well as prevent oxidation due to harsh ultraviolet rays, making the pavement look like new again. Real estate agents keep lists of trusted paving contractors in their address books that they can recommend when needed by clients.


When looking for asphalt contractors, it is essential that you find one with an established track record of satisfied customers. Reading reviews and testimonials posted by contractors online will give you a good idea if their business can handle your project or not.

Excellent asphalt contractors continually refine their processes to guarantee quality service. They will design a tailored paving solution specifically tailored for your property’s needs and install it according to industry standards.

Furthermore, the best contractors offer warranties on their work that protect against costly errors or poor craftsmanship. Furthermore, this warranty gives you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected—an especially essential feature if hiring an asphalt contractor for a large project. In order to get an accurate price and quality comparison across companies.


Asphalt contractors are licenced by their state governments in order to work legally, having completed classes and passed difficult examinations in order to secure this licence. Furthermore, they carry insurance, which protects against accidents or injuries during their time on the job site.

Professional asphalt pavers often join industry associations. These groups help keep them informed on new trends and best practises in their field, which helps ensure they deliver top-notch services to their clients.

Homeowners should request proof of licencing, bonding, and insurance before hiring an asphalt contractor. A reliable firm should gladly offer such assurances for its customers’ peace of mind.


Grading or paving contractor businesses often need multiple forms of insurance in order to operate successfully. Common requirements include commercial general liability coverage, workers’ compensation coverage, equipment and tool coverage, as well as auto policies to cover company vehicles.

General liability insurance is essential to provide bodily injury and property damage coverage to third parties. Furthermore, general liability policies often cover legal expenses in lawsuits alleging personal injury, property damage, libel, and slander.

Road paving contractors should carry product liability insurance to cover repair or replacement of any damaged products, while larger projects should carry umbrella coverage, which provides increased limits above their CGL policy‘s limits.

Customer Service

Asphalt contractors must offer excellent customer service to their clients. They should respond swiftly to inquiries, address concerns quickly, and be available to discuss work plans in detail. Furthermore, they must be willing to provide references from past clients as proof of the quality work they have performed.

Reputable asphalt contractors enjoy an outstanding track record. They use top-grade materials that last for many years. Plus, they periodically inspect their work to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Be wary of asphalt companies with only positive reviews, no negative ones at all, or none whatsoever. A single negative review should not automatically disqualify a business, but multiple bad ones could indicate they don’t care about their clients. You can check customer satisfaction ratings on Google or other websites to assess how a company handles complaints.