Caring For Someone With A Disability
Caring For Someone With A Disability

Caring For Someone With A Disability

Physical Disability

People with physical disabilities often need assistance with their daily lives. This can include anything from basic household chores to complex needs like continence care. Specially trained carers are available who can help your loved one live a full life. Depending on the severity of their disability, they may only need assistance for an hour a day or they might require 24-hour supervision.

Intellectual or Development

In some cases, people with intellectual disability may have co-occurring physical issues. They may have trouble with things like balance, posture and coordination or they may speak in a low voice. People with intellectual disabilities may also have trouble learning, so it’s important to encourage their participation in classroom activities.

Mental Health

Some mental illnesses are very serious and need treatment. Depending on the illness, treatment may involve psychotherapy (talk therapy) and medication or a combination of these treatments.

Caring for someone with a mental health condition can be challenging and requires patience, flexibility and understanding. It is important to learn about the person’s condition, seek help from others and take care of yourself.


It’s easy to focus on what a person with disability can’t do, but it’s important that you also encourage them to do the things they can. And remember to put your own needs first from time to time – taking a day out or getting respite care are great ways to help you relax and recharge.