How Does The Sun Benefit Our Health?
How Does The Sun Benefit Our Health?

How Does The Sun Benefit Our Health?

Source Of Energy

The Sun provides a tremendous amount of energy to the Earth. This energy is essential for life.

Solar energy comes primarily in the form of light and ultraviolet radiation. This energy is absorbed by plants and other producers in the food web and converted into energy through a process called photosynthesis.

This energy is used to fuel our society and industries. Biomass, fossil fuels, and some renewable energies such as wind and solar power are all derived from sunlight.

Plant Growth

The Sun is a source of energy for most living things on Earth. All plants, algae and even some microorganisms convert the Sun’s light into glucose (a sugar) through a process called photosynthesis.

In fact, the sun’s energy is the main source of food for most plants. It gives them the energy they need to make glucose, a sugar that helps them grow and survive.


As humans burn fossil fuels and change land use, we release a lot of carbon dioxide into the air. Fortunately, our oceans are able to take up a large part of this extra carbon dioxide and store it in their deep waters.

Scientists have discovered that the process of absorbing this extra CO 2 has caused the ocean to become more acidic in recent years, which is bad news for marine organisms like corals, clams and mussels that build their shells from calcium carbonate.